Why We “Mom It”


With a total of 6 kids and 122, 640 logged mommy hours (and climbing) between us, we came to realize that absolutely nothing can prepare you for this job. And after countless conversations filled with gripes and complaints about never ending laundry and car insides that look like the vacuum bag exploded, we realized a few things:

  • We’re distracted when we’re with our kids
  • Unorganized
  • Have clutter issue
  • Feel bogged down by projects that never get completed because the day to day crap has to happened.. that can’t seem to get done because of the unpredictable daily stuff that happens. Okay, maybe that’s more than a few.

Part of this may be our ADD but the real culprit is called being a MOM. And we started thinking that maybe we had this thing wrong– that maybe we were looking at our day upside down. Yes, we can google search, Pinterest and read books about parenting but really it came down to us realizing we are not going to be good at everything. At the end of the day we weren’t giving ourselves credit for what we did accomplish, only looking at all the stuff we didn’t do and still have to do. How could I say I did a good job today when:

  • I lost my temper five times (thats generous)
  • Forgot an important appointment
  • Didn’t make dinner
  • Didn’t exercise another day
  • Got two things out of 50 done
  • The dishes are still not unloaded
  • The house is messy
  • I ran out of milk
  • Still need to pay bills
  • Make lunches
  • Oh, and I’m on day two of no shower.

julichristy-santoriniSo we started interviewing moms and grandmas of all ages, all classes, all races, and all cultures. We weren’t talking about their kids, we were talking about them. How do they Mom the Day everyday? What challenges do they face? What frustrates them, what are they good at, and what tasks do they just hate. We heard beautiful stories, but one thing kept sticking out:

They all felt the expectation to do and do wasn’t something to be celebrated.

Being a chef, driver, crisis negotiator, doctor, housekeeper, hair stylist, laundry machine operator, errand runner, teacher, and stain removal professional was just part of a days work. Yet, we’ve also come to understand that there is no gift simpler or more incredible than being told  you are appreciated.

We decided to start this project. We called it MOM the DAY. We thought, let’s help other moms feel appreciated even when they don’t think they deserve it. “Everyday is Mother’s Day at MOM the DAY™. We are going to give ourselves gold stars and pats on the back throughout the day, stopping to say, “l MOMMED IT™! I fricken just MOMMED IT!  I MOMMED THE DAY!! Mom is a VERB– we do and do. Let’s own that!!


Juli Erin & Christy Joy

Our Mission

Mom the Day™ has one goal: Reach into every mom’s life and tell them they are appreciated all day everyday. It is a place to take a breath, laugh and recharge. It is a safe environment for moms to share practical tips and tricks for tackling the never ending To Do List and ultimately, “Momming the Day™.”

Words We Love

  • Fun
  • Celebration
  • Encouragement
  • Camaraderie
  • Empowerment
  • Community
  • Legacy
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