Karen – Age 35

Dear Mom,

Growing up I didn’t think you were the best best Mom.

I felt like you were too strict, nagged me,  worked too much, pushed me too hard–you didn’t always like my friends, you were critical and always complained that we needed time to connect.

I was jealous of my friends and their relationships with their mother. But now that i’m older and have a family of my own, I understand. Being a mom is kind of scary. I see now that you only wanted what was best for me. You were trying to make me, strong, independent, confident, and hard working. You were probably scared too. I didn’t realize you were doing the best you possibly could- that you didn’t have all the answers—that you weren’t perfect, that aside from all the other responsibilities and ups and downs in life you still figured out how to manage each day. Now that I am a mom, I see that I am just like you. And as my kids grow up, I am afraid my children will feel the same way about me.

So I just wanted to say thank you. I’m sorry. I wish I had known—I wish you told me. Maybe you did and I just didn’t hear. I didn’t realize that you helped us keep it all together, even when you were falling a part. I realize, you were an amazing mother. Possibly better than I deserved.  I guess what i’m trying to say is that if i’m half the mother you are, I know my kids will be okay.

I love you.

Age 35 
Dear Mom – Thank You

One thought on “Dear Mom – Thank You

  • March 9, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    What a beautiful letter and an expression of forgiveness, understanding, and love. As a child I watched my mother work hard to save a marriage that in my eyes was over. I could not comprehend why she would want to stay with someone who no longer wanted to stay with her. Fast forward to a time when a man would desire to marry me and make me a wife. I sat in a singles conference I did not want to attend, but after being asked to come and lead worship, I sat with all the other singles listening to the speaker. As the presentation got underway, the speaker began to share and asked every person to write down what they desired in a mate based on the list they had created. I didn’t have a list. I watched everyone writing profusely and I only put one thing down on the page, “I want a man who will stay.” As I read the words, I saw my mothers face. The very thing I as a child could not respect in her, was the very thing I wanted in a spouse. While I was looking at her with anger, what she was demonstrating was the very thing I desired most. My mother was willing to work it out. It was easier to leave and harder to stay. Her demonstration of unconditional love planted within my heart a desire to not only have someone like her, but to be someone like her. THANK YOU MOM!


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