Mommed It™
(v) Nailed it, handled it, fixed it,
did the best you could

…Our whole lives, we’re taught that hard work does not go unnoticed. In school there are certificates and awards. If you play sports, theres the potential for a trophy, medal and/or scholarships. And when you enter the work force, there’s mid year reviews, bonus structures, pay raises, and good old fashioned “atta girls”!

First of all, this isn’t some “woe is me” mommy cry for help and attention site. We chose this job and absolutely love it! There are times, however, when laundry is piled up in every room, your potty training 2 year old poops on the floor, dinner isn’t ready because you have yet to go to the store, your teenager who is in the “I hate you” mood, is locked in their room with loud music and a sucky attitude, and your grown son still lives in your basement. Those are the days when a laugh, a little encouragement, and a pat on the back go a long way.

Join-the-CampaignEnter MOM THE DAY™.

We’re not giving advice on how to make #momlife easier. It’s hard. The days are long, the hours are few, but the rewards are infinite. So we created a project that offers a unique perspective on how to own the never-ending day to day tasks, and all the in betweens, being a mom throws at you. We call it MOM THE DAY™. We thought lets help other moms feel appreciated even when they don’t think they deserve it. It’s not about being a perfect mom and getting it all right. It’s about trying the best that you can and acknowledging the effort. “Everyday is Mother’s Day at MOM THE DAY!” We’re going to give ourselves credit throughout the day, stopping to say, I MOMMED IT! I fricken just MOMMED IT! I MOMMED THE DAY! Mom is a verb—we do, and do. Let’s take the pressure off and own that.


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