PASADENA, CA (January [ ], 2016) – Two moms from Pasadena formed a new company whose mission is to reach into every mom’s life and tell them they are appreciated all day every day.

This month, Juli Schneiderman and Christy Meeks, the founders of Momladia, LLC, have been seen around Los Angeles surprising moms who they see “momming it” as they juggle taking care of their kids while going about everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or taking care of a child with a skinned knee at the park. The unsuspecting surprised moms are showered with balloons, flowers and gift cards, many of which have been donated by local businesses inspired by Momladia’s mission. Momladia features the videos on its website,, which the founding moms hope will inspire moms and remind them how awesome they are when they go about the everyday tasks of being a mom.

“We launched the Mom the Day website as a place for moms to take a breath, laugh and recharge. We hope to make it a safe environment for moms to share practical tips and tricks for tackling the never ending To Do List and ultimately Momming the Day,” said Schneiderman. “We love to remind moms that ‘mom’ is a verb, not a noun, and taking care of everyday business as a mom is an incredible accomplishment.”

Schneiderman and Meeks, who are each stay-at-home moms with six kids ranging from 1 to 7-years-old between them, came to realize that there is no gift simpler or more incredible as a mom than being told you are appreciated. Yet, the expectation that moms need to complete ever task on their to-do-list in order to feel accomplished began to overwhelm them.

The entrepreneurial moms decided to figure out ways to work together to lessen their stress and load. One video the moms released on Instagram shows the co-founder’s creative solution to moms not

having time to escape to the gym. The moms are featured in a backyard using children’s play equipment and each other as tools for a workout routine that can be accomplished while watching their broods play in the yard. Another lighthearted video features Schneiderman and Meeks at the grocery store doing creative exercises using their grocery carts with their youngest kids seated inside as a makeshift piece of gym equipment.

The duo hope that through the tips, tricks, videos and forums, other moms will be inspired to hold each other accountable and stay on track while at the same time laughing at the ridiculous reality of what being a mom is really like. The goal is to support all moms, whether they are stay-at-home moms, working moms, single moms or married moms. As Schneiderman explained, “Every Mom faces different circumstances, but regardless of their situation, when they juggle being a mom with all of their other responsibilities in life, they are ‘momming it,’ and we celebrate them for that.”

Momladia seems to be getting traction lately. Schneiderman and Meeks have been encouraging members of their mommy community to send in photos of themselves holding handwritten signs that read “I Mom It Everyday” while taking care of mommy business. A number of photos have started rolling in, which the Momladia moms send out through social media to inspire other moms.

About Momladia, LLC. Momladia, LLC was formed in 2015 with the goal of reaching into every mom’s life and telling them they are appreciated all day every day. Through it’s website (, Facebook page (, Twitter handle (@momtheday) and Instagram page (@momtheday), Momladia aims to provide a safe environment for moms to share practical tips and tricks for tackling the never ending To Do List and ultimately, “Momming the DayTM.”

Just Launched: Mom the Day

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